Trophic networks

This is the category trophic networks. It contains 4 networks. Trophic networks consist of biological species connected by edges denoting which pairs of species are subject to exchange of substances such as carbon or nitrogen. In simple cases, these networks can be described as "who eats whom'', but the category also includes the exchanges of more specific chemical species. The term food chain may describe such relationships, but note that in the general case, a trophic network is not a chain, i.e., it is not linear. Trophic networks are directed. Nodes may be individual species, may may also be broader or narrower classes of organisms.

NameAttributesnmNode meaningEdge meaning
Chesapeake Bay
39170Organism typeCarbon exchange
Little Rock Lake
1832,494Autotroph/herbivore/carnivore/decomposerFood source
Florida ecosystem wet
Florida ecosystem dry