UC Irvine forum

This bipartite network contains user posts to forums. The users are students at the University of California, Irvine. An edge represents a forum message.


Internal nameopsahl-ucforum
NameUC Irvine forum
Data sourcehttp://toreopsahl.com/datasets/#online_forum_network
AvailabilityDataset is available for download
Consistency checkDataset passed all tests
Interaction network
Node meaningUser, forum
Edge meaningPost
Network formatBipartite, undirected
Edge typeUnweighted, multiple edges
Temporal data Edges are annotated with timestamps


Size n =1,421
Left size n1 =899
Right size n2 =522
Volume m =33,720
Unique edge count m̿ =7,089
Wedge count s =174,069
Claw count z =2,807,597
Cross count x =50,117,282
Square count q =76,095
4-Tour count T4 =1,322,222
Maximum degree dmax =1,792
Maximum left degree d1max =1,792
Maximum right degree d2max =942
Average degree d =47.459 5
Average left degree d1 =37.508 3
Average right degree d2 =64.597 7
Fill p =0.015 106 2
Average edge multiplicity m̃ =4.756 67
Size of LCC N =1,417
Diameter δ =8
50-Percentile effective diameter δ0.5 =3.126 95
90-Percentile effective diameter δ0.9 =4.402 38
Median distance δM =4
Mean distance δm =3.605 28
Gini coefficient G =0.681 900
Balanced inequality ratio P =0.242 067
Left balanced inequality ratio P1 =0.209 342
Right balanced inequality ratio P2 =0.264 116
Relative edge distribution entropy Her =0.926 953
Power law exponent γ =1.584 63
Tail power law exponent γt =3.301 00
Tail power law exponent with p γ3 =3.301 00
p-value p =0.393 000
Left tail power law exponent with p γ3,1 =3.851 00
Left p-value p1 =0.923 000
Right tail power law exponent with p γ3,2 =3.031 00
Right p-value p2 =0.229 000
Degree assortativity ρ =−0.092 975 0
Degree assortativity p-value pρ =4.372 55 × 10−15
Spectral norm α =370.755
Algebraic connectivity a =0.375 203
Spectral separation 1[A] / λ2[A]| =1.583 30
Controllability C =387
Relative controllability Cr =0.272 343


Fruchterman–Reingold graph drawing

Degree distribution

Cumulative degree distribution

Lorenz curve

Spectral distribution of the adjacency matrix

Spectral distribution of the normalized adjacency matrix

Spectral distribution of the Laplacian

Spectral graph drawing based on the adjacency matrix

Spectral graph drawing based on the Laplacian

Spectral graph drawing based on the normalized adjacency matrix

Degree assortativity

Zipf plot

Hop distribution

Double Laplacian graph drawing

Delaunay graph drawing

Edge weight/multiplicity distribution

Temporal distribution

Temporal hop distribution

Diameter/density evolution

Inter-event distribution

Node-level inter-event distribution

Matrix decompositions plots



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[2] Tore Opsahl and Pietro Panzarasa. Triadic closure in two-mode networks: Redefining the global and local clustering coefficients. Soc. Netw., 34, 2011.