Interaction networks

This is the category interaction networks. It contains 26 networks. Interaction networks are bipartite networks consisting of people and items or between people and other people, where each edge represents an interaction. In interaction networks, we always allow multiple edges between the same person–item pair, and an interaction is always to be understood as an event. Interaction networks can be online or offline. Examples are people writing in forums (UF), commenting on movies (Fc), listening to songs (Ls) and sports results.

NameAttributesnmNode meaningEdge meaning
Southern women (small)
1014Woman, eventParticipation
Southern women (large)
3289Woman, eventParticipation
American football
Congress votes
1,3801,476Person, crimeInvolvment
Prosper listings
23,96535,377Member, listingWatch
UC Irvine forum
1,42133,720User, forumPost
MovieLens user–item
11,61095,580User, movieTag assignment
MovieLens user–tag
20,53795,580User, tagAssignment
BookCrossing (implicit)
445,8011,149,739User, bookRating user–tag
99,1572,298,816User, tagAssignment user–item
512,5242,298,816User, pictureTag assignment
Filmtipset comments
75,3601,266,753User, movieComment
Linux kernel mailing list threads
379,5541,565,683Person, threadPost
BibSonomy user–tag
210,4672,555,080User, tagAssignment
BibSonomy user–item
773,2412,555,080User, publicationTag assignment
CiteULike user–tag
175,9922,411,819User, tagAssignment
CiteULike user–item
754,4842,411,819User, publicationTag assignment
Prosper loans
Twitter user–tag
705,6324,664,605User, hashtagUsage
Twitter user–item
9,374,20612,656,613User, URLMention bands
175,06919,150,868User, bandListening songs
1,085,61219,150,868User, songListening
Delicious user–tag
5,345,180301,186,579User, tagTag assignment
Delicious user–item
34,611,302301,186,579User, URLTag assignment