Text networks

This is the category text networks. It contains 10 networks. Text networks consist of text documents containing words. They are bipartite and their nodes are documents and words. Each edge represents the occurrence of a word in a document. Document types are for instance newspaper articles (TR) and Wikipedia articles (EX).

NameAttributesnmNode meaningEdge meaning
Daily Kos
10,336467,714Document, wordOccurrence
NIPS full papers
13,8751,932,365Document, wordOccurrence
60,2341,464,182Article, wordInclusion
Wikipedia words (en)
276,7397,846,807Article, wordInclusion
Enron words
67,9606,412,172Document, wordOccurrence
WebUni Magdeburg
206,3503,869,707Thread, wordUse
1,065,17696,903,520Story, wordInclusion
NY Times
401,38899,542,125Document, wordOccurrence
TREC (disks 4–5)
1,729,302151,632,178Document, wordInclusion
8,341,043737,869,083Document, wordOccurrence