Feature networks

This is the category feature networks. It contains 17 networks. Feature networks are bipartite, and denote any kind of feature assigned to entities. Feature networks are unweighted and have edges that are not annotated with edge creation times. Examples are songs and their genres (GE).

NameAttributesnmNode meaningEdge meaning
Unicode languages
8681,255Country, languageHosts
MovieLens tag–item
24,12995,580Tag, movieTag assignment
Actors (DBpedia)
157,184281,396Movie, actorStarring
DBpedia locations
225,498293,697Entity, placeLocation
Genres (DBpedia)
266,717463,497Work, genreStyle
vi.sualize.us tag–item
577,4372,298,816Tag, pictureAssignment
Discogs label–genre
270,7864,147,665Label, genreFeature
TV Tropes
152,0933,232,134Work, tropeHasFeature
Wikipedia categories (en)
2,036,4403,795,796Article, categoryInclusion
Discogs label–style
244,1475,255,950Label, styleFeature
BibSonomy tag–item
972,1202,555,080Tag, publicationAssignment
Twitter tag–item
1,502,6112,635,885Hashtag, URLCo-occurrence
CiteULike tag–item
885,0462,411,819Tag, publicationAssignment
Discogs artist–genre
1,754,83819,033,891Artist, genreFeature
Discogs artist–style
1,618,32624,085,580Artist, styleStyle
Google+ (IMC12)
10,442,42120,592,962User, attributeAttribute-link
Delicious tag–item
38,289,740301,183,605Tag, URLTag assignment