Rating networks

This is the category rating networks. It contains 21 networks. Rating networks consist of assessments given to items by users, weighted by a rating value. Rating networks are bipartite. Networks in which users can rate other users are not included here, but in the Social category instead. If only a single type of rating is possible, for instance the "favorite'' relationship, then rating networks are unweighted. Examples of items that are rated are movies (M3), songs (YS), jokes (J1), and even sexual escorts (SX).

NameAttributesnmNode meaningEdge meaning
FilmTrust ratings
3,57935,494User, filmRating
5,43726,937User, rateeRating
Amazon (Wang)
26,91129,062User, itemRating
Sexual escorts
16,73050,632Buyer, escortRating
CiaoDVD movie ratings
33,73672,665User, movieRating
MovieLens 100k
2,625100,000User, movieRating
147,075175,765User, hotelRating
BookCrossing (ratings)
263,757433,652User, bookRating
CiaoDVD review ratings
92,6521,625,480User, reviewRating
MovieLens 1M
9,7461,000,209User, movieRating
Jester 150
50,8321,728,847User, jokeRating
Stack Overflow
641,8761,301,942User, postFavorite
Jester 100
73,5214,136,360User, jokeRating
Digg votes
142,9623,018,197User, storyVote
Amazon ratings
3,376,9725,838,041User, productRate
MovieLens 10M
80,55510,000,054User, movieRating
876,25213,668,320User, productRating
Filmtipset ratings
144,67119,554,219User, movieRating
497,959100,480,507User, movieRating
31,050,73382,677,131User, product
Yahoo songs
1,625,951256,804,235Person, songRating